Show 3: Who’s Your Daddy?

Welcome to show 3. We intended to have this released waaaay before now, but ­­life just got in the way.

We decided to call this “Who’s Your Daddy?” – why? Just listen, ‘cos those kids on Tumblr are pretty much getting this.

Through our meandering chat, we talk about the following, ‘cos we’re backing this shit up with science:

Wendy has subsequently learned that there is no video of the WGA West “THE FORCE AWAKENS” writers panel, so here is the audio to the SoundCloud podcast courtesy of host, Entertainment Weekly contributor, Anthony Breznican:

How the Kylo Ren merchandise hasn’t sold that well along with the Rey merchandise debacle:

The Saga screening in China last year: This was a one-off screening of Eps I – VII as part of the 2015 Shanghai Film Festival:

The very real “cults and superstitions” law within the Chinese legal system and why this could effect how The Force could be presented going forward, and certainly could explain Ben Solo/Kylo Ren in “THE FORCE AWAKENS” (and, yes, we do mean what was presented on screen and not in any other medium):

How the China Film Law affected Guillermo Del Toro’s “CRIMSON PEAK”:

So, if you still don’t get why Chinese SW fans are more familiar with Eps I – III rather than Eps IV – VI; please stand still while we hit you over the head – no Force ghosts …

BO age demographics for “THE FORCE AWAKENS”:

This is the Tumblr post that had us laughing re “Young Han Solo”:

We never talked about this, but what the fuck? It’s worth reposting anyway:

Although we recorded this while the blu-ray TFA extras were being ready for announcement; but during the course of last week it “premiered” at Austin’s annual SXSW event. There have been reports/reviews on line, but we’re picking on this one because, well, fucking Corellian reasons, alright?!

And here’s footage from the recent appearance Harrison made on The Jimmy Kimmel Show:

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We’ll be back for Show 4.



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