Show 8: #Someday You’ll Understand

This is the original show that Kathy and I recorded in early November prior to the untimely, and unexpected, death of Carrie Fisher.

For this show, our chat circles around Wendy’s attendance at 2016’s Star Wars Celebration Europe in London and being part of the “Han Solo Forever” panel at DragonCon in Atlanta.

Because this was November, and the fandom was on the approach run to the release of “ROGUE ONE”, Wendy talks about her fears for a possible retro-engineering and how that could affect how we view “ANH”.

We speak of one of the “spoilers” from “THE LAST JEDI” which was reported by regarding the character played by Laura Dern.   However, it would seem that the post regarding Leia in the hands of the First Order and confronting her son, now appears to have disappeared from the site.

We also touch on the as-of-yet-untilted “Han Solo standalone” film (or as we like to refer to it as “21 Jump Falcon”/”48 Parsecs”/”Butch Calrissian and the Sundance Solo”) and after recording, Emilia Clark has been cast as the female lead and Woody Harrelson confirmed his character name, Garris Shrike – a character who was created by A C Crispin for the first book of her Han Solo trilogy published in 1997.

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We will be back for Show 9


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