Show 9, Part 1: From A Certain Point of View …

Kathy and I asked listener, Michelle, if she’d like to join us and time ran aways with us to the point where we thought it best to simply chop our chat in half.

Elements arising from Celebration Orlando are discussed along with this item via  In the unlikely event that you may have missed it (?), the post is here; please remember as per the post, elements have been “significantly paraphrased” – many ways to word a disclaimer but that’s a new one on me.

A copy of the January 2017 (and appears to be the last) update from the focus group is here:OBWTKM January 2017

If you like what you have heard, please leave a review on iTunes and don’t forget to tell any fellow Han Solo fans about us.  If iTunes is not for you, I’m very pleased that we’re also on and you can find the show here.  You can always hear the latest show on Soundcloud here.  Lastly, can download the show directly from our server here.

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We will be back for Show 9, Part 2 – in less than 4 months …



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